Acrylics on 365 8" x 10" canvas'


       Drowned in Space
is a 365-days personal space painting project where each day is represented by a different cosmic movement of acrylic paints. Each individual section is painted on a 8”x10” blank canvas and meticulously covers the inner walls of a small apartment room. The encasement of the room signifies the inner workings of the mind, embodying how wondrous, diverse, and all at the same time how unsettling it can be. The aspect of loneliness is explored through the blackness of the canvas’ which originally were white. The painted nebulas, galaxies, stars, planets, and other entities are expression of thoughts which are portrayed in colourful manners in contrast to the darkness of the open space. A great connection can be made within us as people with the greater unknown- outer space. It begs the question: is it an illusion within itself or is there more out there?
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